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The Chainsmokers Get The Crowd Jumping At iHeartRadio Album Release Party

Photo: Wes and Alex for iHeartRadio

The Chainsmokers celebrated the release of their new album So Far So Good with an intimate iHeartRadio Album Release Party In Los Angeles on May 17th. The duo performed old and new songs and answered questions during a special Q&A hosted by iHeartRadio's Gabby Diaz.

So Far So Good is The Chainsmokers' fourth full-length album following 2019's World War Joy. It includes 13 new tracks including the previously released singles "High," "iPad" and "Riptide." After taking a trip to Hawaii, the duo "came home with a body of work that has become the backbone of this album. We spent the next two years picking apart every song we wrote from the lyrics to production to make them the absolute best they could possibly be, knowing that you were waiting and because we felt that we owed it to you."

During the Q&A, the duo opened up about how the new album was more fun to make due to having "a lot more time to make it." They further detailed their trip to Hawaii to "reset the culture of The Chainsmokers" and figure out the next stage of their career, revealing that they worked on the album for two years. The topic of album rollouts vs. singles was also discussed, as well as their time playing at an LA Rams game. They joked that it was a "pretty lowkey show" and that they were the team's "lucky charm." The electronic duo assured fans that they "don't think they'll ever go away for two years again" and described their new album as a "natural progression" from their previous work.

The Chainsmokers started off the album release party with a bang playing their upbeat and heavy-synth new songs "High" and "If You're Serious," immediately getting the crowd jumping and dancing. They also played some older fan favorites including "Paris", "Roses," "Takeaway," "Don't Let Me Down," and "Hope." Drew shouted out the OG Chainsmokers fans before playing "Roses" and the crowd went wild. He later thanked fans for their energy saying "we needed this energy" before playing "Maradona." An unreleased track titled "The Fall" was also included in the setlist as well as an acoustic rendition of "In Too Deep." They ended the show with none other than the popular track "Closer." But before that, they had an encore where they referenced Queen's iconic Live Aid performance.

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